Great flavours, great stories

Custom Extracts ™ manufactures flavours and functional extracts in Ballarat Victoria using state of the art equipment and the best local and internationally sourced ingredients.

Custom Extracts ™ products are used primarily in the beverage industry.  

Make your beverage product and marketing stand out with:

Great quality existing flavours

Never previously available flavours

Exclusive flavours

Supply chain "direct line of site" back to the raw materials.

Flavour examples

Juniper Berries

Strawberry Gum

Functional examples

Panax Ginseng

Schisandra Berry

Why use Custom Extracts ™?

Your customers will recognise and respond to a superior product.

When you look at the product list, you’ll see that Custom Extracts ™ doesn’t make every flavour. But the ones that we do make are world class. Do a side by side tasting with others in the market and you (and your customers) will be able to tell the difference.

To ensure product quality and integrity, we only sell what we make. We can trace all raw materials used.

Custom Extracts ™ can tailor raw materials choices to work best with your brand. So if your brand needs an organic Tasmanian lemon myrtle flavour. No problem – can do. 

Angelica Root
French Angelica Root
Locally Harvested Chrysanthemum
Bloodwood flower from Kimberly, W.A
Bloodwood flower from Kimberly, W.A
Bloodwood flower extract
Bloodwood Flower Extract
Eucalypt from post fire regrowth
Eucalypt from post fire regrowth
Bloodwood flower extract
Eucalypt from post fire regrowth extract
Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Myrtle

You can have a unique story to tell your customers.

Custom Extracts ™ can manufacture flavours and extracts specifically and exclusively for your products.

We enjoy developing unique products and have structured the business so that this is not prohibitively expensive. If you want to flavour your beverage with the spicy native eucalypt leaf harvested from bush fire regrowth in your area – can do. If you want to flavour your beer with cypress from your farm – no problem.

You can link your brand’s flavours and stories to locations or events.

Be different

Find out how you can differentiate your products and marketing from the competition.

Understand why Custom Extracts ™ can make such true-to-type flavours and functional extracts

See examples of flavours and extracts specific to an event or location

Have complete confidence in the integrity of the product and its supply chain

Features & Services

True to type flavours

Unique flavours and extracts

Your specified flavours and extracts

Advice on flavour blends and quantities

No minimum order quantity

Auditable supply chain

Australian based

Work with the business founder

Packaging, labelling and usage instructions that decrease the chance of errors during manufacturing

Do really fun stuff that no one else has done!

What Our Customers Say

"Your lemon myrtle is absolutely banging! Never tasted anything like it. Can't believe I haven't tasted it yet.

Used it in gin and soda, hopefully the customers love it. "
Head of Beverage
Naked life logo
The product tastes incredible with the fresh Juniper - I will have to arrange some to be sent to you.

Head of Product
Custom Extracts ™ manufactures unique flavours and functional extracts for craft brewers, distillers and beverage makers like me! Max has been incredibly helpful in my journey of making Adapt Relax. It has been fantastic to have his expertise and knowledge.