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Aloe Vera

Botanical Name:

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Positive Attributes: Long known for its beautiful flowers, Geraldton Wax is an emerging superpower in the Australian native food space. Native to Western Australia, significant R&D has gone into commercialising strains with maximum flavour in their leaves.

Geraldton Wax’s unmistakable flavour of kaffir lime coupled with an exotic muskiness, makes it approachable but exotic.

Flavour: Zesty kaffir lime with delicious floral musky overtones.

Availability: Smaller quantities in Q4 2022 and ramping up to year-round supply in 2023.

Usage examples: Premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned/bottled beverage. Post distillation addition to gin and other spirits. Addition to ice cream, sorbet, chocolate and pastry products.

Product Name
Aloe Vera
Product Code
Storage condition
Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
Shelf life
12 months from date of delivery
Raw material to extraction
3.1mg of war material per mg of extract
Raw material country of origin
Ethanol Blend
Glycerine Blend
Note - Addition not to exceed 2.0g of raw extract equivalent per 1000g of finished product.