The Technology

Supercritical ™ carbon dioxide extraction

How does it work?
In a specialised extraction vessel, raw materials are immersed in very high pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. The desirable flavour, aroma and functional components dissolve in the gas leaving the water, sugar and cellulose host material behind. The laden gas then flows into separator vessels where the  pressure is lowered and the desired components precipitate out as a liquid. The CO2 is continuously recycled and passed back through the raw materials until the desired components are removed. See process flow diagram.
Process Flow Diagram
Lab 17 Med Res
This is where the magic happens.


The process typically runs at 20 oC. The absence of heat or organic solvents result in remarkably fresh, complex, “true to type” flavours. 

“CO2 is the supercritical solvent of choice in the extraction of flavour and fragrance compounds, since it is an odourless, colourless, highly pure, safe, cost effective, nontoxic, non-flammable and recyclable”